Sunday, 07 March 2021
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You go for two or three days?
You will settle for the night near En Beys pond , 1970 m high. Here, you can camp or stay in En Beys refuge where  and Sylvain Julien welcome you.

le refuge d'En Beys, pour une rando avec un âne dans la réerve d'Orlu

Donkeys cannot go farer than this point because the paths are no practicable for them.
Your hike beyond En Beys refuge will be therefore without them.
They will wait quietly (well, usually!) in their fence near the refuge.
You are now in the mountains and all the safety precautions relating to this environment must be respected..

The refuge is a "famous place" of the mountain.
A rather magic place where you are happy to stay when the sun is there (it's so beautiful up there!) but also when it rains  (a cup of hot chocolate! it makes you forget all the rains of the world!)
This is a place of welcome and hospitality, a cottage where people meet to share experiences and emotions.

A beer on the terrace, a pancake for lunch, a picnic or a hearty and delicious dinner, enjoy the moment: you have arrived in one of the "good table" in our valley.

En Beys shelter has 69 beds in 5 dormitories of 12 to 15 places.

You will find all practical information and ideas for treks around En Beys refuge  on refuge's website

tel 33 (0)5 61 64 24 24

Together, it's better

Improve the reception, security, food in refuge is a priority for the refuge En Beys (or rather his keepers!)

Therefore, it is strongly implicated in the structures of collective development of Ax valleys, the department of Ariege and the Pyrenees: