Sunday, 07 March 2021
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     practical information

  •      hikes in orlu reserve are possible from 1st July 1 to  31th August
  •      dogs are prohibited in Orlu Reserve
  •      we rent the donkeys at the entrance of Orlu reserve, at a place called "Fanguil parking"
  •      each donkey is equipped with a pack-saddle pack (sort of saddle made of wood), a halter and lead rope (ie a rope to hold it!)
  •      a donkey can carry 40 kilos
  •      rentals are by reservation last few days in advance, by calling 33 (0)5 61 64 44 22
  •      departures are in the morning between 9 and 11 o'clock. The return time is free.

     take with you:

  •     your water supply because we can not ensure safe drinking sources on your way
  •     bring your picnic: no trade in your walk!
  •     hat, sunscreen, t-shirt with long sleeves for sun protection. In the high mountains, radiation is important, even on cloudy days, children take easily sunburn.
  •       poncho or raincoat to protect yourself in case of rain
  •      If possible, put all this in two small backpacks that we will put on each side of the donkey
  •       the two backpacks must be the same weight (if not, it turns and it falls!)


  •      Before departure, we give you all the safety instructions. You have to follow them.
  •      If you want to put your child on the back of the donkey, it is better that you bring a helmet, bike helmet type.
  •      Your child is placed on the back of the donkey at your own risk.
  •      When your child is on the back of a donkey, an adult must hold the donkey with the rope.
  •      If your child is young, take a baby carrier that allows you to carry him on your own back if he falls asleep.